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TLD ACE 500-1523 bottle ASU from 1994 is suitable for aircraft type:

  • A300/A310, A320/A321.
  • BAE 146/RJ-70/RJ-85/RJ-100.
  • B707/720/727/737/747/757/767/777.
  • Canadair Regional Jet. DC8/DC9/MD80 Series/DC8-70 Series/DC10
  • MD11, MD90, F28/F100, L-1011


ADE ground power unit  which is originally 90 kVA but is now 60 kVA and has 28V.

Note: Needs work to restore it back into 90kVA

  • Year: 1992
  • Engine: Deutz, 6 cylinder


Houchin C690 GPU 

  • Year: 2006                                               
  • Capacity: 100 KVA
  • Output: 1x 115/200V, 400Hz
  • Engine: Cummins


The Cannon L-120 Testing device is designed to provide a temporary load for field servicing and testing 200 volt 400HZ generators.

  • Year:  2012 (new)
  • Model: L-120


Guinault GA120 GPU

  • Year: 2007
  • Capacity: 120 kVA
  • Output: 1x 115/200V, 400Hz


Hobart 90CU20 GPU

  • Year: 2005
  • Capacity: 90 kVA
  • Output: 1x115/200V, 400Hz