Arrival of New & Used equipment

Baggage Cart, Dolly’s 5ft/10ft., Passenger Stairs, Slave pallet.

Wheel & Brake GSE

Another job is finished and this specific equipment is on its way to final destination.

Our GSE to Kenya

Our one and only Sovam passenger stairs left Dutch ground and heading for Mombasa, Kenya. Previously two of our Air Starters went to the same destination.

Fresh water service

One of our Delta300 water service units is leaving our premises and off to Marseille – France.

Tractors to Malta

Various tractors, such as Harlan, Mulag, TEMG and TLD are prepared and loaded for Malta.

Sliač Airport – Slovakia

It’s a sunny day to load an air starter and small cleaning truck for their new destination in Slovakia.


Maintain the B787

Fixed height maintenance stairs with platform height of 450cm. Prepared and loaded for Schiphol to maintain the B787 Aircraft.


Various equipment for Groningen Airport Eelde, and enough manpower to load the truck 😉

With the ferry

Today we brought our MAN/Norquip Ambulift to IJmuiden. From there the Ambulift will go with the ferry to Newcastle to serve at NCL Airport.

A new life in Ghana

Our one and only Cherry Picker/Bucket Truck left Dutch grounds to start a new life in Ghana.